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System Solutions

Fingerprinting. Simplified.

SafePrintScan, a National WebCheck solution, is the modern fingerprint-based applicant background check system designed by Innovative Biometric Systems. SafePrintScan supports electronic processing of civilian background checks at both the state and Federal levels. This is often required of applicants by agencies and organizations that rely on background checks for hiring, licensing and other mandated purposes.

SafePrintScan was uniquely designed with both the fingerprint system operator and the fingerprint candidate in mind, resulting in swift and sanitary print capture with forensic quality precision. Certified as a National WebCheck provider and approved for FBI Channeling, SafePrintScan securely submits fingerprints to the necessary state and federal agencies for complete national background check compatibility.

Advanced Technology

Loss of internet or unavailable network, SafePrintScan permits the fingerprint technician with the ability to capture fingerprints in offline mode for transmittal at a later time. Superior value for on-site mobile electronic fingerprinting!

Supports All Brands of Businesses

For electronic fingerprint background checks on employees, licensees, volunteers, and anyone else seeking a state and/or Federal background check.

Store and Forward Capabilities

Accessibility to securely store an applicant’s fingerprints for industry requirements.

Competitive Pricing

Available in laptop or desktop* versions.
*Desktop prices may vary

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